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Prom 15: Wagner “Die Walküre”, Staatskapelle Berlin, Barenboim, Royal Albert Hall (Review)

BBC Prom 15 Nina Stemme and Bryn Terfel in Die WalküreAn evening of high drama: a very public altercation between conductor and concert master, a Wagnerian memory lapse from the leading lady, but one of the most thrilling accounts of Die Walküre you will ever hope to hear. Hearing is believing, it is said, but as the static electricity crackled through the Staatskapelle Berlin’s delivery … [Read More]

Posted on 24/07/2013
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Wagner “Der fliegende Holländer”, Zurich Opera, Royal Festival Hall

Why anyone these days would want to perform Wagner’s Der fliegende Holländer with an interval when even the three act version was so plainly fashioned to be performed without one is beyond me. There is that tell-tale repetition of the music ending act one at the beginning of act two – a kind of “Previously … [Read More]

Posted on 16/12/2012
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Wagner “Die Fliegender Holländer”, Royal Opera House

We actually don’t need the billowing front cloth, the torrential rain, or strafing searchlights – from the moment Wagner lays bare those sizzling open fifths in the strings he does the tempest-tossed thing for us. Indeed that Overture presages the legend of the Flying Dutchman in ways that not even Tim Albery’s beautifully lit and … [Read More]

Posted on 19/10/2011
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