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BBC Symphony Orchestra, BBC Singers, Litton, Barbican Hall

Andrew LittonThe problem with programming Charles Ives’ Fourth Symphony – and only the very bold and resourceful and/or the BBC are ever likely to do so – is that it eclipses everything, and I mean everything, in its proximity. And if it was my 90th birthday – as indeed it was on this day for … [Read More]

Posted on 25/09/2014
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Donizetti’s ‘Belisario’ marches in…

Among Donizetti’s 75 or so operas Belisario has all the credentials to be much more than just a curio. It was written in the wake of Lucia di Lammermoor‘s triumph and represents the composer in full maturity eager to break new ground and empowered to do so boldly. The ferocious opening chords are like … [Read More]

Posted on 29/10/2012
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