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Die Frau ohne Schatten, Royal Opera House

Emily Magee in Die Frau ohne Schatten - ROH - Clive Barda 2014Die Frau ohne Schatten is an opera awash with high-flown symbolism and dubious, if not downright dodgy, sub-Freudian psychology. It peddles ludicrous notions about the inherent conflict between spiritual and physical love, frowning at the sex that does not lead to results – i.e. procreation – and worst of all daring to suggest that a … [Read More]

Posted on 15/03/2014
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Britten “War Requiem”, Bergen Festival (Review)

In Bergen’s Grieg Hall – one is tempted to say the Hall of the Mountain King – the 2013 Bergen Festival concludes with the mournful tolling of bells. A consonant “Amen” – like a healing benediction – is the last word and with it comes perhaps a glimmer of hope. But the mood is sombre … [Read More]

Posted on 07/06/2013
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