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Rigoletto, English National Opera, London Coliseum

Rigoletto Eno 2024 (c) MuirThe hunchback slumps in his chair like some malevolent watchkeeper – master of all he surveys. But as the black front curtain is drawn back like a shroud or veil of deceit, the world according to Rigoletto is revealed like a mirror image of his dark heart, a place of dastardly deeds and abject humiliation. … [Read More]

Posted on 14/02/2014
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The Rape of Lucretia, Glyndebourne Touring Opera (Review)

Rape of lucretia - Glynebourne Touring 2013Lucretia is quite literally pulled from the earth like a living artefact – and to the earth she will return. But when we arrive at the contentious final moments of Britten’s opera The Rape of Lucretia and the Female Chorus – seeking answers for this chaste woman’s violation and death – asks “Is it all?”, … [Read More]

Posted on 20/10/2013
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