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Mozart “Don Giovanni”, English National Opera, London Coliseum (Review)

Don Giovanni ENO“Coming Soon”, declares the contentious poster, though even the notion that Don Giovanni would have the time or the inclination to open the packet leave alone use the condom hardly squares with the reckless dash of Mozart and Da Ponte’s narrative. No matter – at least the show itself has lost some of its dead … [Read More]

Posted on 18/10/2012
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Albarn & Norris “Dr Dee”, English National Opera

A blackbird descends, Damon Albarn sings of England, and a cavalcade of our national identity  – from punk rocker to city gent, cricket to morris dancing, suffragettes to Lord Nelson – passes before our eyes, each representative consigned to history in a gently humorous and quite literal fall from grace. The chronicle of Dr Dee[Read More]

Posted on 27/06/2012
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Don Giovanni, English National Opera

In one respect at least Rufus Norris’ new ENO production of Don Giovanni might truthfully be described as electrifying. They are tinkering with the circuits before a single note has been sounded. “They” are the Don’s devilish alter egos; the object of their attention suggests a gigantic crown of thorns. Irreligious? Certainly. Sacrilegious? Perhaps. Sparks … [Read More]

Posted on 07/11/2010
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