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Prom 21: BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Sondergard, Royal Albert Hall (Review)

BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Thomas Søndergård at the BBC PromsThe “Turning Point” in Colin Matthews’ so named orchestral piece is a change of attitude, a sudden seriousness of purpose, a great effort of will to stop moving and take stock of where it – whatever it is – is going. That Matthews did actually stop mid-composition because, precisely as the piece tells us, he … [Read More]

Posted on 30/07/2013
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London Philharmonic/ Russian National Orchestras, Jurowski, Royal Festival Hall **** (Review)

The heady symbolism of the London Philharmonic and Russian National orchestras sitting cheek by jowl for the climax of Vladimir Jurowski’s War and Peace series was a powerful one and if, on occasions, the melding of these two excellent orchestras resulted in rather less than complete symbiosis musically speaking, the section by section acknowledgement of … [Read More]

Posted on 08/10/2012
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London Symphony Orchestra, Khachatryan, Gergiev, Barbican Hall

Valery Gergiev’s survey of the Tchaikovsky symphonies began here on a chilly January night with youthfully idealistic “Winter Daydreams” thrown into the sharpest relief against a disillusioned and angry Shostakovich whose own journey into the bleak mid-winter was by the time he penned his 2nd Violin Concerto very much a one-way ticket. Two revealing performances, … [Read More]

Posted on 19/01/2011
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