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The Magic Flute, English National Opera, London Coliseum (Review)

ENO Magic Flute with Ben Johnson and Devon Guthrie photo by Robbie JackOut of the mouths of babes… the wise child that is Simon McBurney takes his cue from the “three young boys steeped in ancient learning” – a description he takes literally by transforming them into little old men – and spirits us through Mozart’s The Magic Flute with a mix of naiveté and cunning, invention, … [Read More]

Posted on 08/11/2013
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Raskatov “A Dog’s Heart”, English National Opera

The premise is simple: can Professor Filipp Filippovich take a starving mongrel from the street and with a simple transplant of a man’s testicles and pituitary gland make him human? And if he can, what then? It’s a dog’s life, they say, but for whom? Mikhail Bulgarov’s unsettling novel comes from a long line of … [Read More]

Posted on 21/11/2010
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