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Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Rattle, Royal Festival Hall (Review)

Period instruments demand absolute honesty from their players. Their sound is their personality – candid, quirky, eccentrically beautiful – but their soul is revealed in the spirit of the playing where beauty is not skin deep and the expressiveness of phrasing in the strings is created in the bow arm and from a truthfulness of … [Read More]

Posted on 30/01/2013
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Prom 63: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Rattle – Review *****

It was, without doubt, the most breathtaking musical segue of this or any other Prom season and it unlocked a programme with Simon Rattle’s musical intellect written all over it. First came the cosmic vibrations of Ligeti’s Atmosphères where the Berlin Philharmonic’s famed pianissimi made silence almost indistinguishable from sound and where such were the … [Read More]

Posted on 31/08/2012
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London Symphony Orchestra, Rattle, Barbican Hall

Another ingeniously apposite piece of programming from Simon Rattle – but this time the Berlin Philharmonic had stayed in Berlin and a long awaited re-match with the London Symphony Orchestra presented two mighty instrumental canvasses as startling in sonic contrast as they were bonded in spirit. Intimations of mortality dominated the evening and from “out … [Read More]

Posted on 08/03/2011
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Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Rattle, Barbican Hall

They’ve called this unprecedented five-day residency “The London Concerts” and having already shown off the youthful core of players at the heart of this venerable and venerated orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra duly expanded from chamber to symphonic proportions and crossed the river from the Southbank to the Barbican for what was by any standards … [Read More]

Posted on 22/02/2011
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