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Prom 53: Mahler Youth Orchestra, Davis, Royal Albert Hall

Sir Colin Davis’ vim and vigour has always seemed so eternal, so unaffected by the advancing years, that it was strange, not to say difficult, to discover him conducting now from a chair. You could see and hear how that compromised the transference of energy from his now familiar body language to the players before … [Read More]

Posted on 25/08/2011
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London Symphony Orchestra, Uchida, Davis, Barbican Hall

It says something for Sir Colin Davis’ eternal vitality and musical curiosity that he should come to the dynamic Carl Nielsen symphonies so late in life. The Sixth and last of them carries the elliptical subtitle “Sinfonia Semplice” and surprise, surprise, is anything but “simple”. With the chiming of the glockenspiel (so redolent in spirit … [Read More]

Posted on 27/05/2011
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